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Diwali, festival of lights

Today, November 4, 2021, India celebrates the Festival of Lights with great enthusiasm.

Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

It is a very popular festival in India that will last 5 days.

For this occasion, people clean their homes and decorate them beautifully with rows of «diya» lamps, candles, incense and flowers.

Young, old, rich or poor dress up in new clothes, exchange sweets and gifts, cook delicious dishes and fire fireworks.

They gather with family, friends, neighbours to eat, drink and play cards.

A little history… just a little, it doesn’t hurt!!

The many Hindu myths and legends are very complicated, so I will simplify.

Lord Rama

Diwali marks the return of King Rama after 14 years of exile, during which, accompanied by the monkey Hanumân, he fought for ten days to save his wife from the clutches of a terrible demon with 10 heads and 20 arms!!

When he returned to his kingdom, the inhabitants had laid rows of terracotta lamps along the road to enlighten him on the way to the city.

Diwali celebrates, therefore, the victory of Rama over the demon Ràvana.

During the festivities, gigantic effigies of Ràvana are burned with firecrackers.

Solar Myth

One of the meanings of Diwali is linked to the cycles of the seasons.

Thousands of lamps are lit to celebrate the return of the sun, masked throughout the monsoon period by the evil spirit of the waters.

It is also the celebration of the beautiful goddess, Lakshmi

Lakshmi or Mahalakshmi

The 3rd day of Diwali is the most important.

He is devoted to Lakshmi, goddess of beauty, fortune, prosperity and abundance, wife of the god Vishnu.

She is supposed to bring inner wealth, food in abundance, happiness, intelligence and allow the triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness.

The ceremony is called, Lakshmi Pooja.

Through this Pooja, the goddess visits her faithful and gives them gifts and blessings.

Then to welcome Lakshmi, the Hindus clean, prepare their houses, offerings and place the lights, Diya, on the edges of the windows, balconies and curbs to invite him to enter.

They believe that the happier the goddess will be at home, the more she will bless the house and its occupants with health and wealth.

Lakshmi loves cleanliness, the cleaner, brighter and more decorated your home, the greater your chances of receiving the visit of the goddess.

Then everyone to the broom !

And let it shine !

Angie Sattà

Founder of AngieYoga training school R-RYS200

Hatha and Ashtanga certified yoga teacher R-RYT200

Founder of CMonMala

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